Statistics on Stacey:

5'11, 6'2 with three inch heels

130 Pounds, 130 after a big meal.

Blue eyes, red after I see you

White skin, red after I see him

Animals: Cats, White and fluffy.

My dog, close enough.

Pet peeves:   Arrogant doctors!

           I like gardens, arches opening up to

          a beautiful clear field, viewing the horizon

          rose bushes packed beneath the arches.

          The gardens which with yellow flowers,

        With a hammock, laughter, peace and youth

         Russian, Italian, Lithuanian, and Irish,

         A Highschool, 1998.  I'm a

             graduate, but that was not my fault.

          Special talents, singing, writing

         Songwriting, and drawing, and

         Eating them for supper.

Kings cannot destroy your life.  We can control our life.  All hail the queen!

I haven't entertained the thought that I am off the right foot I am on.

Theory: They are the ones who follow blindly their parents advice, to pursue a job where they learn a skill, easily make money by practicing a trade everyone else is too lazy to master, and manipulate the public because they have a monopoly of knowledge, lacking the morality and passion though- in their profession.  They should have either been comedians, or drug addicts- either way they would've been more useful to me.


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