"So our pain, translates to gold, in their dimension?"  I asked.

 "Yes.  They won't work for free.  They aren't obligated to perform tasks to maintain the unvierse- or to keep the door open in order for us to bring oil into the fourth dimension.  We are, just customers, and we have to pay for the service of merely existing.  We three are at the bottom of the rung.  In your past lives, you  must have bene so evil, that you are being punished- to be responsible for the continuation of the universe incase a crisis occurred.

 "Wow, past lives!  So life is eternal." I asked.

 "Yes!  And karma energy, is what directs the path to rebirth.  The actions we perform in one life, translates to the situations we encounter in the next life.

 "The karma police- have guidelines.  If you treated people excellent- you got ten points.  With 10 points- you could buy an excellent care-free life.  If you treated people poorly, you may earn between three and five points, and the points, you can choose how you spend them.  You have the right to choose which qualities you will do without.  Such qualities as: health, money, looks, talent, sociability, strength, charisma, love, luck, family, and lack of injuries or conflict and friendship.

 "Being a good person, and earning 10 points, means you don't have to choose one quality over another.  It means you can have all the qualities.  You have the whole package.  If you were curle- or unthgouthful to other people, you had to sacrifise some qualities.  And you're given a choice  You get to choose wat qualities will be present in your life."

 "And I must have sacrifised friendshp, lack of injuries, luck, family, and talent.  I must have been a nasty person."

 "Yep.  I wasn't.  I was a good person.  And I will get paid wonderfully for volunteering for ths job.  I'm sucking up- payingh my dues to the karma police.  I would be this way even if there was no reward system.  I choose to enjoy making other people happy, and working towards making this world a fair and just place to be in."

 "So we are meek, and unimportant."  I asked.

"Yes." he replied.

"And this is a system.  Is there any way we can work with the gatekeeper- pay him with our effort or"  I hesitated.  I can't believe I would be willin, but "with our pain."

 "Yes, the gatekeeper  would be willing to consider.  But he can't make exceptions.  He can't let us go free.  We have to pay for our existance.  He has to show that he means business.  Can't let other universes see that we got off scratch free.  There are a lot of wicked people in this universe, and somebody needs to pay for it.  So other universes will be more motivated to develop a healthier system- developing ways to push people in a righteous path.  We as a system are being punished for allowing so many wicked people to exist- for so long.  This is allowed to happen because there are so many wicked people.  The karma police agree this situation is due time."  

 "So if the karma police, and gatekeepers save is out of obligation and compassion, it will not encourage the bad people to be good.  They will see the system make an exception, and bad people will continue bad behavior- and the system won't be encouraged to set up systems to churn out better people.  We are being punished for being bad people, through thispain that we cannot escape from.  We can choose to perish, but that's not a choice we want to make.  So the only escape from pain is perishing." I said.

 "Exactly.  No favors.  We must earn our existance, and we have to suffer- if we are bad.  You have been selfish in your past life, and this is just an evening out process."

 "And the unborn child- was also a person equal to you.  #5.  You are cold towards people, even loved ones.  The unborn child- is evil, equal to you."

 "So if he deserves to die... yes, but we can't kill an infant!"

 "He can still choose.  Inside her.  This baby is able to make decisions.  He can decide to be noble, or evil.  And if he chooses beign noble and righteous , then the window would have remained.  But he chose evil- a non chalant existance.  The karma police inflicted this situation on him and us."