We concentrated, and allowed the gems to work their magic.  The gems twisted and turned.

"Ahhh!!!!!!"  We held each other's hands.  Our eye sockets were bleeding from how wide our eyes were open.  So stunning, so piercing, the pain in our flesh.

The hole in the air widened.

"It's here. The fourth dimension."

We all stared. It was magnificent. The seas, the sky.

"Lets go!" He shouted.. and he ran through the hole.

We followed cue. All of us ran. Our tremendous pain was over. Thankful not to be in pain, I darted ahead through the hole. I felt sucking all around in my skin. Like a vacuum cleaner sucking up my skin. All around me, sucking. The air was like a crisp welcoming on my skin. Through my pores I could feel the freshness envoloping me.

"Okay, now we have to go and find the army, who will partake in bringing oil back here. We need to contact and find the government in the fourth dimension, so we can be supplied with one million soldiers, to bring oil into this dimension. It will be hard to get all that oil, and not be noticed. In this dimension, they have invisibility potions- so the sight part is all set."

"It's going to be expensive to get all that oil. How much oil do we need anyways?" I asked.

"A billion gallons." He responded.

"Okay, so each man needs to be responsibile for a thousand gallons!"

"Yes. But we will be driving trucks. One million trucks. We need to get one million trucks full of one billion pounds of oil- to this dimension. We must go to the city that is the capital here in Squatish county- There the government will talk to us, and reward us for our, and your, painful accomplishment. They are well aware of the incredible pain you had to endure for the dimension to be opened. And they will compensate in their money. Our government can never know about this. "


"Because then the media would get involved, and the whole transactions between dimensions would be burdened with our media. The media would suck up the limelight, and publicize this. It must be hush hush. Because it is a tender gate. It is sensitive to circumstances. And it needs to be protected, and respected. It could decide not to be open. It cannot be well known."

"I'd rather not have gone through this pain. There's no compensation that can account for the pain I felt!" I shouted. It was like a dull knife slicing through my belly that a can opener twisting and cutting off the top of a can."