The intense pain came back.  This time it made a munching noise.  My scream echoed in the car.  It munched until a number popped up before the street name.  The blood came gushing out as this was tatooed on me by the gem's movements.  He took his hand and wiped away the blood, to see the number of the street.

"Sorry dear, you poor poor thing- you are feeling almost an equilvelent amount of pain that I felt running two days straight.  It is the price to pay for such intense important gateways.  It's making sure you are responsible for the gateway.

The saw the street.  He turned onto it.  The gem began to become clear.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!"  The pain was sharp and intense.

We turned onto 46 Danforth street.  The car in the driveway was blue.  We walked up the steps, her hand covering her stomach. I rang the doorbell.

A young woman answered the door.

"Can I help you?"

The man answered,"Yes.."

And he pointed to her stomach.  "I know about your gem.  It's about time you knew what it was for."

She gasped.  Only her doctor and her mother knew about the gem.  The doctor was a family friend so he was agreeable to not make it public , or even record the gem with her birth record.  Nobody knew about the gem.  Her mother told no one.

"My name is Albert.  We have two more remaining gem bearers.  Once we find them- we can open up the gate to the fourth dimension.  Come on.  We only have 28 hours left.  Then the last droplet of oil will have been used- and our universe will be encompassed in temperature zero, absolute zero.  "

The woman gasped again.  "Oh my gosh, this is for real?  I knew all along that this was a gate, but I only seemed to realize it when you told me."

She stepped forward, and closed the door.  Her gem glowed ruby red.  Both of  ourgems turned liquidy.

"AAAAAAAHHH!!!!" We both screamed  The noise was like two birds screeching.  "It burns it burns!"  we both chanted.  And like a knife cutting through air, a flash of light shone through her front door.  

Our gems turned white.  Then a hand emerged from the Topaz one.. and reached into the Ruby one.  It pulled out an egg.  "Oh my gosh, what is this? "

We watched as the egg cracked.  Inside was a bird, with the name of the street and number of the closest gem bearer, and the city.

We all got into the car, and traveled toward the place of the next gem bearer.  She was in Alberqeuque New Mexico.

"The pain is more bearable now," I am almost done with this terrible ordeal.  The pain was like a watermelon being split open underneath my stomach- and the watermelon was the size and amount of pain, as if the watermelon had nerves of its own.

All three of us just cruised for a half hour.  Our gems started glowing on and off, singing, and flashing.  We didn't need to use the compass of our gems, we got a map and located the street.  22 Amazon Road.  

I felt a certain Euphoria next.. as the pain lessoned and I felt how the twisting sort of pierced my stomach- made a hole.. so the edges around the gem were loose, so I could almost stuff something underneath the gem, for storage.

We made it to New Mexico finally.  

"Okay, we're here.  The third gem.  I've heard this is the hardest.  Because once there are three, the beginning of the intensity of the reality of the door opening emerges.  This is the biggest step.  Three sides to a triangle, and three corners- and that is three dimensional, finally a dimension emerges.  Have the three sides,  is all you need to open a door- it is possible to have a triangle shaped door- but not a line shaped door."

I looked into the woman's eyes.  "Well, I might as well get to know you, before we go through pain."

"I'm Theresa. "

"I'm Sheila."  I said looking into her eyes, grasping the beauty and connection of being with another human being.  I held her hand.  Our gems flashed cheerfully.  They are almost like a pet- a rock that displays our emotions.

Arthur looked at us in admiration.  Despite his great accomplishment- running straight for two days, he knew that the women had accomplished a lot, just by bearing the pain of the gem twisting.  They continued on, and found the road that led to the road where the third gem bearer would be.  Then they turned onto the road.  And next, the house.  But there was something different, and odd to the house.