The house was crooked.  One side was slanted.  It made it look haunted. Theresa and I looked at each other with understanding looks.

Albert looked at us.  He knew something was about to happen.  From both of our gems- a shining light, the consistancy of string, propelled from our gems.  It aimed away from us, and into the house.

Theresa and my eyes grew wide, like a white egg.  The red blood vessels in our eyes broke loose, and our knuckles turned white from squeezing them.  The gem twisted, turned, and bounced up and down- ripping our flesh.  

Albert started crying at the pain we were enduring.  The pain was so bad that I actually heard noises.

And again our gems turned white.  I caught my breath, and Thersa looked at me as if she had just gotten run over by a car.  There was barely any energy left in  both of us.  Something was different this time.  We looked, and in front of the house, there was a rip in the sky.  Where our shining light emitted from the gem had intercept- in front of the house, there was a rip in the sky- and the quare diameter where the sky was gone- was something replacing it, a substance from another dimension.  There was a beach, and water.  It was like a painting hanging mid air.  The beach, with the waves crashing- like an animated painting.

Albert looked at us.  "This is it- we've begun the gate.  We cannot enter it.  There is a boundary.  This is where we will make the gate open.  The worst is over, girls.  Now we must set out to find the fourth gem bearer.  But I will need to stand guard here.  I am afraid you girls will have to travel and make the journey on your own."

I'd just like to take his stomach, twist it around, and take a screwdriver and twist his insides!  So much pressure to have on the shoulders of five human beings.  And this man voluntarily entered this quest.  We are forced by fate to do this- if we didn't endure that miserable pain- our universe would end.  The most agonizing feeling in the world.  It's over with.  He barely gave us time to acknowledge the reality of the situation.

All three of us left the car, and went up to the house.  We stood on the porch, and from there we could hear screaming.  Then we heard nails scratch up against the door.  We knocked on the door, and Albert yelled," HELLO, is anyone there!  We're here to help you!."

The screaming grew louder.  "Ah, ah! ah! ACH!"

She didn't answer the door.

I called out, "Paramedics, we're here to bring you to the hospital.  Can you open the door!"


The door creeked open.  Albert pushed it all the way open.  "Miss," He took her hand, and her eyes grew wide with terror.  She had black hair, had Spanish features, and was pregnant.

"Who are you!  And what have you done to me!  How could you know that I was hurt!  I was just standing doing dishes and suddenly!  Oh I can't tell you."

I knew it was right when I did it.  I lifted up my shirt, and showed her my gem.  Theresa followed suit.  She covered her hand with her mouth, and her eyes grew wide.

"There are more.. of us?"

"Yes."  I said, "Albert, Theresa and I, all are on a quest to save the universe.  We need to open up the gateway between this dimension and the fourth dimension.  They have no oil, and we need to transfer oil to their dimension.  If they don't have oil- they won't have a source of electricity.  And our dimension would freeze, if there was no energy source in the fourth dimension.  We would  be frozen at absolute zero temperature.  That pain- was necesssary.  It's a horrible burden, but it's over with now- and the universe can be saved.

The window to the other dimension flickered.  The scene of the water and beach grew transparent..

"I was afraid of this.. her pregnancy is interfering with the gate.  It could make the gate be inside the babies body.  And that would make it so we would have to kill him to get to the next dimension."

"No!  No!! Not my baby"  The woman shouted.  "Not my Simon!  No no no...."

"If the window regains itself, then no.  But by the way it is flickering on and off, it would dissapear into his body.  The energy battle, which one will win.