"Green Cookie"               by Stace

 I waitress at Salendo's Restaurant, the best restaurant in this city that will hire me without experience-

 And I've been here for three years.  I tried to go to college twice, but I dropped out both times.  Why did I do it?  

 I can't even remember.  It was complicated.

 I am 23, my rent is barely paid, I have two dogs and a cat, and the only people I talk to each day are my customers-  And I'm lucky if I don't catch them with food in their mouth- that ruins their day and mine.   Unfortunately, I catch forty people a day with egg, sausage, beef, or cheesecake in their mouth.  About the tip they leave?  Depends if they are nice- they look past it.

 I hate wearing this uniform, and I hate wearing darn ponytails.  I feel old, but I also feel young.

 I've been doing this for so long, it all feels like one day.

 Why do people eat?  I wish they'd stop eating, they're so annoying.

 I've drained any chance of fantasizing about an amazing future anymore.  The landscape is a blank.  My dreams are flat.  I have no clue where they went.  Exhausted themselves out, pacing back and forth waiting for me to activate them, perhaps.

  My energy is a little bizarre lately, well as of the past 3 years- 7 years actually.

  My sexual desire is all mangled in my stomach.  Somewhere, I think I am turned on by my digestion process- I can't tell, half the time my thoughts are flatlining- once in awhile a spike of awareness will studder along.

  Being a waitress, I write everything down.  They invented the notepad for me.

  "Ma'am, could you get me some coffee?"

 Okay mister screwballs.

 "Would you like some cream with that?"

 "No thanks, but I would like some sugar."

 "Okay", I smile, and it is so forced I feel another eight hour workout of phony reps coming on.

 "Here you go sir."

 "Okay, and, could I ask  you a question?"

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