I want to do a page on fibromylagia, but I have too much brain fog right now...

I have all these theories about how this is caused, and medicine is making really no progress.  They still think it's caused by some sort of virus, even when there has been a high correlation among sufferers having a compressed spinal chord.  

Symptoms of fibromylagia are spastic bowels, restless legs, tingling and numb hands and feet, spaceiness, vertigo, insomnia, depression, trouble with stomach, non-cardiac chest pain, muscle soreness all over.  It's often associated with chronic fatigue syndrome, tmj, and facial pain.  This disease is not fatal but can be dehabilitating as it wears people down over time, so they cannot work, or lead normal lives.

I have been thinking, that the reason some people get it, is an injury in childhood.  Two injuries, so the body cannot grow to compensate for both injuries, so the spinal chord remains compressed.  

When one is rear ended in a car accident, the forward motion sends our head flying back, and Newton's law states an object is at rest until there is a force on it.  So the jaw remains in the same place for 1/4 of a second, while the head flies back, and as the vehicle becomes still, the head flies forward while the jaw flies back.  This can tear ligaments within the tmj joint, causing popping and clicking, pain, all leading to tmj.  

My theory is that when somebody has a facial impact, the face is the first thing to be redirected backwards, while the spine continues movement for 1/4 of a second.  So while the face is being richoted backwards from impact, the spine continues momentum forward, copmressing the spinal chord.  This would probably cause neck injury in an adult, but in a child it would simply cause an injury which the cartilage would seek to compensate for.

I believe some people, develop fibromylagia becuase the spinal chord remains compressed.  And other people, their skulls rotate, in order to best accomondate the irreversible compression.  As their skull rotates, their faces rotate as well- and develop sidways.  In order to compensate for the sideways growth of face, one of the jaws must grow longer, to connect the face and the skull.  

The sideways face can result in a crossbite.  If somebody seeks to fix the crossbite late in life, then they will push their jaw against their skull, causing their skull to rotate in the exact direction the skull was avoiding.  This, will exgarate the spinal compression, and this will bring about fibromylagia.  Thus fibromylagia can be lessened through skull rotation, which can be achieved through orthodontics, by repositioning the teeth, so the facial bones will allow skull to rotate in best direction to decompression spine.  

I'm not in med school, but is my completely philosophical theory.

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