Finding lies in an old open book

believing truths but I thought they

were true, can you believe itıs true,

itıs a lie I know that

Right now I could be

reading that book. Confused

youıll be but Iıll speak

honesty, with lies. Have you

heard a lie thatıs spoken of

truth, listen. Plug your ears

you might wanna hear. Open

your mouth after I speak, Iıll give

you lies in the form of your words.

Lies are a blueprint with

no plan to build. There is

no substance, no proof, but belief.

Believe what you want but

donıt believe this. I carry

a warning I read the book,

it read me first and

laughed at my life. Life is in

order until it is led aimlessly.

Somewhere a leader tripped on

a root, and brought the tree

falling, in front of my path.

I cut through the woods

and tried to catch tails. Trust only

doubt when Iıve drifted this far.

The forest is a plain, the paths

are lines, where the lines cross,

our paths always meet. When I

meet a line of a whole nother

plain, that is true love, until I

go ahead another point, another life.

It happens again, again I lie.

The book is closed. Itıs all in my mind.

Now itıs in your head, while itıs there,

sit down and read it for awhile.