Portia (Porshe) de Rossi was born as Amanda Rogers, 01/31/73, in Melbourne, Australia. After enrolling at Melbourne University to become a lawyer- she auditioned for "Sirens", staring Hugh Grant and Elle Mcphearson. She got the part "Giddy", and eventually withdrew from law school, moved to California, lost her accent, and pursued an acting career. She changed her name to Portia de Rossi at fourteen, and just like that brave decision to change her name, she switched her plane ticket from Sydney to Los Angles after deliberating for five or six hours.  There was too much oppurtinity to throw away. But she did have a history of acting.
At eleven she began modeling, and at fourteen she acted in Australian television commercials.

She was raised by just her mom- Margeret, because her dad died suddenly when she was 9.

Getting the part "Nelle"on Ally Mcbeal wasa double  blessing she was a huge fan of the show and wanted to be a lawyer.  She wanted to be a positive rolemodel as a lawyer- but as an actress- she gets to show through the character that see portrays that women can be sexy, smart and important.

Before she got this role, she acted in a Fox Sitcom Too Something, which wasn't successful. So shows flopped one after another, but finally she landed her breakthrough role.
She currently lives in Santa Monica, with Bean her dog. She is single after a four year relationship with Mel Medcalf.  She takes ballet four times a week- jogs to stay fit, loves to read poetry and plays guitar.  

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