Portia de Rossi is now known for her role in Ally Mcbeal, as the seductive and stastesque attorney: who always seems to catch people doing something embarassing when they think they have privacy.  (Ally Mcbeal singing and dancing in the bathroom, or the coworkers talking about things that need to be private.)   They turn around, expecting no noone- but instead they see the tall 5'10 ,Australian actress, posed in amused horror.  After she sees their stunned reaction, she smiles a "Yep, well" smile, and turns away.

                I first saw her in Ally Mcbeal- and then saw her in "Sirens" the movie that supposedly flopped in the box office- but Elle Mcpherson is naked in it- so is Portia, and the other models.  That should be draw for it video.  

  She owns a dog, two dogs actually.

              Her style ranges from flirtatious innocence, to deep seductiveness.  In "Sirens", she giggled a lot, because she was a naive girl.  In "Ally Mcbeal", she has a deep voice, and is very commanding of her own self.  I haven't seen any of the movies or shows she was in that shows the variation:)   But from the pictures I've seen, she can either be innocent and charming, or be mature beyond her years.                   

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