*Baw's note:Poetry isn't about ego- it's about knowledge!  Therefore,

I'm not very proud of these.


 Angels  -A poem with love

 The Man in the Center- a quizzical tale of a man in the center.

  What's the Use? who was I lecturing at- am I a hypocrite?

 Upstairs in an Isolated Room- don't ground me Moma!

 In a Dark Place Closed in by Night- If you don't already fear the dark, now you will!

Like a Blender -  Rambling about distressing emotions

Ladybug- listen to how a bracelet trickles down and tickles me

Lollipop Life-  How we twirl and suck in this lifetime

Old lady- how entertaining truth can be, where is the source of truth?

Elephant Territory- Scare away an elephant... the meaning of life

Reality is Pizza Crust- Sratch up the reality through pizza crust devouring

Medal Sin- Crunch my head if I sin too many times

Lets Not Perish- Please forgive me for my sins

Jump Off the Train- My foot thought instead of my brain

Sick Again- My foot chose to be sick instead of a trooper

Egg Yolk- the tale of how I write a story

French class made me immune to prozac- I don't mean to offend French teachers...but...

 Snowy Days are Romantic?- a Feminine boy rejected me- oh dear.

 Swamp thing-  I live in a Swamp.            But   by today's typical environmental standards......

Prologue to Upstairs- this ending changed the whole meaning, it is the other half of "Upstairs".

Memoir- if the person who I wrote this about- reads this- all apologies-, class taught me to, embellish

Request-  Do you want to hear some self pity, if so email me- and I will send good self pity poem.

                            Disclaimer:   These poems are lengthly- discuss the benefits of being a marijauna leaf.

Curious Souls- Marijauna made me chemically imbalanced- here is my explanation (?) why.

Five Leaf Clover- Bad luck

*A wand is neither good nor bad, itÕs just a wand, and however you use it determines its effects.*

*YouÕre a big fat cow,

can I milk you?*

*The problem child is a

black hole in the minds

of people at peace,

and the people at peace

are a glimmer of light

in the hurtful mind

of a left out child.*

*I was going to say space or place, and I couldnÕt decide so I said splace.*

*I was sliding down the pole and all the sudden it stuck up.*

Kittens  Good picture

Ollie   Good picture