(Continuation of Plea- the rest is somewhere else, helps me protect copyright:)  )

"Plea of rescue"

Copyrighted© 1998 Stacey _____

"Tied down to this rotten shame

your eyes glare with guilty blame

In attempt to clear my mind

my body defends from all feelings

Hold on to apathy

it numbs the pain and leaves no scars

Do I look as hostile and unpeaceful

as the thoughts that cloud my mind

and rip my face

Twitching clock inside a jitter box

I mislead my words you misunderstand

Growing the weeds inside of me

towards the ones becoming uneasy

It bursts so chew good

Iıll make you swallow it whole I wonıt take it back

planting seeds of anxiety to those

who let themselves understand

Angel of the sky

let me up

Angel of the sky

hear my cry

A dreamer, a dreamer, a dreamer

is all Iıll ever be

A lover, a lover, a lover

is all I really want"

Copyright 1998  Stacey ____