MY humble opinion- just read and enjoy, believe what you want- I have my own opinion, form your own- but don't act harshly, in-kay?

Did you know that dentists are putting amalgam fillings into patients mouths?  These fillings contain mercury.  They are aware of this, but they say there is so little mercury it is not a problem.  But what if you have other sources of poison in your body, with other businesses deaming the poison so little it doesn't matter?

Wisdom teeth extraction, braces, and root canals- all of these have side effects that dentists don't bother telling you.  Why?  Because there is no significant evidence to completely prove it.  Yet, there is overwhelming evidence that suggests what harmful side effects there are.

Autoimmune disease could be a result of amalgan fillings.  Wisdom teeth extraction can leave air pockets in your jaw, leaving the bloodflow very inefficient.  That is less healthy for your teeth and face.

Extracting teeth for braces, will always make your profile sink in.  That means your face will be less convex, and your mouth will sink inward.  This will make you age faster.  Also, you may have to wear a retainer for the rest of your life. And lastly, extraction to fix crowding- the crowding usually recurrs. Why? Because by extracting, there are less teeth to support bone. The bones recede to accomodate less support, and crowding comes back.

Dentists are big businessmen.  They shade the truth all the time.  They can do it because they are highly unregulated.  Since their truth shading doesn't kill people, it doesn't seem to be of high priority in the government.  

Dentists suggest you have several x rays a year.  Fluoride is put in Portland, Maine's water supply- but fluoride is poisoness.  Why else does the toothpaste container say, do not swallow?

Ethical dentists want to minimize their role in people's lives, and provide as little- but effective treatment as possible.  Unethical dentists, do not even imagine that it is possible a patient would want to have crooked teeth.  If somebody has crooked teeth, they deam it a medical necessity to straighten them.  That gives them a pass to lie to the patient.  But there is no overwhelming evidence that crooked teeth well cared for, aren't healthy.