I have brown hair.       I used to have some freckles, my sister teased me about.

Cats have whiskers, dogs have black rubber noses.

Alright, lets be serious here. My name is Stacey, and I am a singer. I write songs, and I write poetry before I write the songs with guitar. I learned a few chords when I was fifteen. A gentleman by the name of Craig, we will say, taught me these chords.  I wrote a few songs, and I enjoyed each one, more and more, I would love the song in incriments rising for every new song, the compilation increasing, my threshold for love increasing.  Some of these titles were painful, obsessive, gratifying.

 I knew a song was a keeper, if it was a jewel, if it inspired me to sing it all day, if I was so filled with joy just because of this new discovery. That meant I would love that song, and continue to work on it, forever, perfecting it, with my imperfect skill.

What is more beautiful..... a perfect masterpiece by somebody with imperfect skill... or an imperfect masterpiece, by somebody who has skill?

Masterpieces are few and far between. The people inspired to produce good work, do so because of curiousity, and drive. People with all the tools, and knowledge, have less drive, but goal for resolve... to settle down, to put the pieces in their place.. to resolve the song. Unskilled songwriters, are reaching for a goal... strenuously striving.  This is the eternal knot.  We become educated, but then the challenge is so well comforted, the thrill is more disguised.  A sacred song, is a passionate impossible, lost cause.

I am going to put this website up now, is that cool?
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