The man in the center announced to all the people as grounded as ants, ³Whoever can guess the height today of our giant, wins a pat on the back!²

       They all scurried and rushed towards him so they could be the lucky winner. Many of the past winners were recovering from back injuries, and were left far behind. The one in the front were tempted to meet today¹s challenge. Their hearts pumped with adrenaline because no thing is better than an Œole pat on the back.

         But then their hearts stopped when they saw last time¹s winner, who was making his way back to where he had come from. He was near the finish line and they were worried he would beat them. But they did take note his slowness and pitied his handicap. They thought twice of carrying him across so a feeble poor man can win a wonderful surprise, it would be a small favor for a spineless gentleman. The crowd swerved towards him and his eyes brightened with fright. Their hands lifted him up, and threw him down the finish line, he had only made a few inches of the distance.

    The man in the center looked down at him and peered into his little orange eyes.

³How tall is he my friend?²

      He thought a moment and remembered what earned him the winning prize before, ³Why, he is as tall as the sky.²

     The crowd cheered and the man in the center applauded, and then the feeble one gestured to the crowd, ³I think it would be unfair of me and selfish to leave these helpful people out of my prize, they deserve a pat on the back just as well as I!²

     So the giant looked at all the stupid pitiful faces, smiling with delight. They were proud to be a citizen, he was honoured, to be their monument.

   ³So be it!² said the man in the center, ³everybody gets a pat on the back! And for your wonderful insight on thinking up that brilliant idea, you can get a kick in the ass!²

  The crowd jeered, and the man said aloud,²Boy is it wonderful that our town is considerate of all of its fellow citizens² or

   ³I think it¹s wonderful that each one of us is considerate of the other when it is time to think of someone else before them self!² or

    ³The nice winners are always the ones to get a kick in the ass!²

   Even though that man could never sit down again, he went on with a sense of gratitude and warmness of people in general.