Clearing tables, clearing tables.... Yuck, gross........  why doesn't this make me hungry?  Eat your damn crust!  Fruit loops are good for you- finish 'em.  Do you need a bib?  There is food and milk all over your spot.  Whichever ungrateful abnoxious arrogant paying customer you were.

 Allison- return to a continuous dream.  Her world never changes.  This is so weird- everything looks the same.  Her hair has changed, other side of face has strands now.  She is still laughing, and they are talking about different things, assuming.  How can they do that?  They are still doing the same thing, still interested... on and on.... it is so continuous.  They are continuous.

 Lets enjoy life a bit here in my platform.  Mr. unSquirm, can I get you something?  That look you just gave me was so blank it hurts, sorry I rejected you, but this tactic is cold.  You pushed me aside, and I will leave you alone.  Drink your cold coffee, drink!

 "Hey!  ma'am!  over here!"  Okay, this man is goofy.

 Thick-rimmed glasses has a blank smile, his mouth open and his eyebrows raised.  His stomach jumped a bit as he bounced to get my attention...  Dumbness.  His expression changed from attempted abnoxiousness, to satisfaction.

 Okay fatso,  but only because I like jello.

 "I just want some more bagels and a glass of orange juice."

 "Sure thing."

 Okay, I give him his crappy food, and he wants me again. This moron doesn't really his bucks are going nowhere- they're not going towards service.. nor the food.  They're going towards the idea that he is getting something good.  And mainly, going towards us because that makes them get seconds...  

 "Hey, sorry.. I just wanted to ask you something."

 Another important question?  Fill me in!

 "What's the day today?"

 "It's Wednesday."

 Well- why the suit?  You're obviously a moron, so why not dress like one?  You've got something there with the glasses, the obesity, but the suit distracts people from the real you.  You need to get some goofy clothing.

 Allison?  What?  Okay, who gives a shit.  This hurts.  This is a stab to my withering confidence, walk around like I am a waitress, I am to do that....  I am a hurting pride.

 "So yeah, today is the class reunion...."

 Eh?  Okay time to listen.

 "Are you going?"

 "Yeah, I can't wait to see everyone.   You know, who's fat, who's rich, who's happy.. sad."

 "Our school isn't having a five year reunion, just ten."

 "That sucks."

 "Not really- this isn't that interesting, people might've changed, but it's just going to be one big party where everyone celebrates graduating.  I can go to a party without making a fool of myself..."

 "Yeah, I just want to. It'll be fun, especially...."

 Everyone laughed.  Here!  Why  me?  I cannot squirm out of this.  I am working.  I pray it doesn't start while I am still working, but gratefully I'm not in banquet...

 "Heya, waitress over here."

 Quiet, I am eavesdropping.

 "Hey, waitress!"

 "Oh sorry sir, this gentleman asked me first- Georgia will kindly help you in a second."

 Okay bagel-breath.  WHAT!

 "Would you like some company this afternoon?"

 I am shocked.  In five years, I haven't been approached by a single man, not even fat squirmy ones.  Now that I evaluate him, he's not that bad.  The good things...  

 He has soft blue eyes, high comforting cheekbones, a tender nose and cool brisk, knowing lips.  Okay... so underneath the crap I have been observing him,  but I reserve all my compliments for people I think may like me.  I am defensive, I will admit.

 He has a strong enough jaw line, his forehead is rimmed with one line, of empathy earned by true trauma.  He moves with swift insecurity, but he is outlined with a strong confidence, and a direction of importance.

 From my feet up I am overwhelmed with a sudden attraction towards him.  He is very strong, and like ice fresh from the freezer tray I am embersed in his cool confidence, his strong important nature.  He is a very important man.. and his insecurity was a clever twist to embrace me with interest once he revealed his true nature.  He had me wrapped around his wrist, thinking he was a goof, and this gem, who bore a glow of exotic travels, was looking me straight in the eye with eyes so concentrated they were beyond an observable depth.

 He had a strange smile, sewed together with a passion I had never seen.  His fingers were intricate, and had experienced life so bizzarre they were not real.  His nose was no longer just a nose, but one that had led him through the strangest journies a man could ask for.

 He was sucessfully sending me vibrations, telling me things, that I could decode because I WANTED to think these things about him.  He was sending a blue aura, a strong vibe, that he was important, and he was adventurous.  I knew it, and he knew.  He allowed me into his singular professional presense.  And I welcomed him.


 He doesn't seem surprised, he has a power that convinces people, I could not say no because this powerful man had not intended for me to say no- there was no path traced in his mind for that possibility.

 "Meet me here.  12 o clock.  I have something to show you, something to do. I assure you, you'll be appealed."

 "Sir.... I...."

 I couldn't say anything.  His eyes were a world and I couldn't avoid it.

 "I will return.  Treat me as a a customer.  Quit your job, and then meet me in the lobby."

 "Are you sure I have to quit my job?"

 "Yes.  That will not work."

 I started to feel a moment of insanity, but his eyes were not insane, they were real and intense.  He was not asking something out of the ordinary, to quit my job, relative to my part in his journey.  But what I would do was definately not ordinary.

 "You will be paid.  A large sum."

 I wasn't surprised.

 "Are you interested?"

 He only asked me because he was polite and kind, but he knew I would say yes.

 I look around, the unsquirm man is more preoccupied with his mind, his eyebrows are skanting, and his coffee is bottomless.  He is very tense, dried out.  He is far from soft.  His eyes are darting and worried.

 Cactus is gone.  Kids are laughing and throwing their heads back, full of pancakes and syrup.  

 Allison is putting her coat on, and my manager is walking with his arm around a coworker, gently coldy telling her what she was doing wrong.

 The sun rises, tables get cleaned, I am no longer in constant movement, I am still in a moment with this one man.

 This man, I see- I want...  I feel a green wave sweeping over my lips, I feel salt on my body... sand in my toes, his fingers on my stomach, the ocean under my feet and his eyes drawing me forward towards paradise.

My body is weak, I withdraw it into a tired, whimsy shape,  because I have fallen into his pulling energy and he is yet to control it.  I want him, but I can't imagine why.  His exbubarance and my passion is blended into a sea of power.  He tells me green is pretty, and I agree.  He is my boss.  I feel seven chakres tugging at seven of mine. My mind agrees with his purpose, my chest is filled with his direction, my lower extremity is driven with his passion.  Anticipation lines my tongue like yearning for sugar...  this excitement is a daydream placed on my skin.

 I won't resist.

 He looks at me, his blue eyes rimmed with crystals, illuminating the startling sights he's beheld.

 Tropical paradise and he has been to all of them.

 "You need help?  I can help you."

 I want to sound assured, I do not want to let him down.

 "Good.  Now, act like we haven't spoken."


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