It was so difficult to act like we hadn't spoken.  I moved around and served my other customers, but my wandering eyes sought out the man.  I saw him, with his elbows confidently on the table top, his eyes innocently seeking out a landscape to stare at.

Allison had stood up- and was finishing up the 'exiting chatter', while a customer gets up and talks during the standing up process of leaving the restaurant.

The woman who the boss was lecturing was pathetically clearing cactus's table.  Her lips were in a pout, and she had a strand of hair hanging in front of her face.  

Oh no!  Allison is exiting my way!  That is so unfair.  I will have to endure eye contact for ten seconds while she exits.  I may even have to discuss our high school reunion affairs with her.  

"Hi Carlie"  the oh so sweet Miss Perfect utters, with a horizon of false excitement floating in her eyes.  She seemed amused to be confronting me.  Her lips were perfectly extending the "Hi Carlie", and her bosom stuck out.

I admit I'm pathetic, but I don't feel like confronting that at this moment.  I smile, and nod.  I actually barely say hi.  She walks by, and laughs.  I could tell she didn't care.   But I have this other customer to worry about.  The customer with paradise oozing from his presense.

Allison awaits as a man behind her opens the door, and lets her go.  I look around at my surroundings- windows all around the restaurant, allowing the yellow morning sun to pour in.  Squirmy man has his mouth open, his eyes fixed just below the corner of the walls, and a sort of realization expression on his face- as if he recognized a change in a cobweb.   Like oh that is amazing- for such a nonintegral occasion.

Alison leaves, goodbye.  I am here in my chapel.  The worker who the boss was lecturing, Susie, continues to pout.

The man with paradise is gone!  I can't ask him any questions.  That is too bad for me.  I was interested in asking some questions before I went on a journey with a strange customer.  Okay, so it's not very professional.  

To be honest, I have a jewel underneath my bellybutton.  I can feel it- and one time the skin broke, and I could see it.  The doctors didn't know how it got there.  They assumed it was some sort of jewel put in by a tatoo artist.  But I've had it since I was born.  It is topaz, my birthstone.  I have met one other person with a jewel underneath the bellybutton.  She had an emerald gem underneath her bellybutton.  So, that's the scoop on that.  I just like to be casual about it, makes it more elusive and seductive.

Okay food snorter- what do you want?

"Hi miss, I would like some more pancakes please."  Ah, having a contest witht the family to see how many pancakes each can eat?  

"Oh, and I would like some too."  another member of the food snorter party requests.  Yep, I was right.  They are racing to see how many pancakes each can have.  Lucky intuition.

The sun rises a little higher.  The day goes by a little quicker.  Its eleven o clock.  Close to the time when I will meet the man with a passion of fire inside his eyes.  I am assuming he recognized me as a jewel bearer.  I just know these things.  My mom, who I don't get along with- has been seeking people out to try to make sense of my strange deformity.  My dad is dead.  He died when I was born, in an auto accident on the way to the emergency room for my birth.

Clearing some more tables.  There is plenty of melon left there!  Oh- I see you only ate the marshmellows from the Lucky Charms.  How naughty.  

Ah twelve couldn't come any sooner.  My self exited the restaurant I had been working at for five years.  I am going towards the door... reaching- ah ha!  Got a hold of the handle.. and my feet one in front of the other, I leave!  Oh wait, I was supposed to meet paradise man inside the restaurant.  Okay, pray nobody saw me- or else my exit will be humiuliating.  I see him!  Sitting at a table!  He is back.

I walk towards him.. and he stands up without hesitation.  "I knew you would come back."

We walked out of the restaurant.. and the boss had wide eyes- he begain to shout.  But I kept walking.  I can be selfish.  All the customers looked up- the pancake racers looked up amidst their festival of pancake devouring.  Everyone had confusion in their eyes- the routine of serving, eating, and clearing up had been disturbed.  One of the waitresses was casually leaving in the middle of her work. The boss ran to try to catch me, because we had a five year relationship as boss worker.. so I was important to him.  But I am selfish, I don't care.  Drop old relationships, I am snazzy enough to develop new friendships.

We walked out the door, and hopped into his white van.  We sped away.  The  boss was chasing after us.. he is like my father to me.  But, I am being elusive.  My topaz jewel glowed.

"You are a bearer."  He turned to me and said as we drove down the highway.

"Finally.  Finally I get to find out what this thing means!"  I look at him.  This is wonderful.  I will find out what my topaz means.

"There's a catch to this... you have to solve a riddle, a sort of puzzle before you are allowed to be aware of what this jewel's purpose is.  It is to make sure you are pure jewel bearer."

"Okay.  Fair enough.  How did you find me?"

"I have resources.  Resources up above."

"In Heaven?"

"No, in the fourth dimension."

"Whoah buddy!  Slow down there."

His lips were tight.. and his gaze fixed on the road.  We drifted along in the warm summer sunshine, with no problems on our minds.  

"The fourth dimension, in between the third dimension.  There are four jewel bearers- and if all four got together, they could open up a door to the fourth dimension.  As it is now, the fourth dimension is off limits, unless you make the ultimate effort- then your spiritual energy will rip through space, to allow you into the fourth dimension.  The fourth dimension is the space in between the keyboard, the space in between corners, in between pockets, in between zippers.  It is the corner of all space.  We have discovered two jewel bearers.  You and another woman with an emerald jewel.  We must get into the fourth dimension within a year. There is a dangerous war about to break loose, and if it breaks loose- the fourth dimension might leak into the third dimension!"

Okay, I've moved from serving eggs to stopping a universal war.  Allison would be impressed.

"I've been in the fourth dimension.  I've used the ultimate effort.  I've seen the blue waters- the fourth dimension's version of blue waters- which is the color blue turned inside out- which would be yellow with a purple highlight.  I've seen the fourth dimension's animals, pointy, angel-like creatures.  There are angels, flying crabs, and flying fish.  It is just another reality.  It is one version of evolution.  The intelligent creatures are a big shorter than human beings.  They evolved from apes, just as we did.  But they don't wear clothes, and their society is much more developed than ours.  They have the ability to travel through time.. and they even have the ability to cross dimensions- but only one way, they cannot go back to their dimension once they cross over."

"What is my job?"

"We need to find the two other jewel bearers, to open up the door to the fourth dimension, so we can get the proper equiptment into their dimension to prevent universal war.  We have natural resources here that they ran out of hundreds of years ago.  We have oil, they don't.   They are going through simuliar environmental problems, like us.  Their system runs on electricity, just like ours.  All of our planets are dependent on a measley tree in their dimension.  If a tree of theirs falls, it is equivilant to a meteor crashing to Earth.  So if they lose electricity- we will lose all movement, and the universe in the third dimension will return to Absolute Zero.  We will all freeze.. and be completely still- if they lose electricity.  So we must find the remaining two jewel bearers- so we can bring oil into the fourth dimension.  Or we could try to build a nuclear power plant.  They are working on one right now... I had to make the ultimate effort to cross over.  An intelligent being from the fourth dimension traveled over here, and couldn't go back- but the military here was informed.  I was a soldier here.  They needed a brave soul to make the ultimate effort, and go to the fourth dimension.  There are four intelligent beings from the fourth dimension.  They told us their dilemma.  So, I ran for 2 days straight... jogged until I passed out.  When I awoke, I awoke to a red sun, and yellow seas.  Wide green eyes were glaring at me, and I was in the sand- red sand."

"So you ran your fastest until you passed out?"

"Ran my longest, and I came into the fourth dimension- my feet stepped into the fourth dimension."

"You said I needed to solve a riddle first, before I became aware of my purpose."

"You don't know your purpose, or how to access the fourth dimension yet.  We need to find the remaining jewel bearers.  You will need to help me find them. It was easy to find you because of your moms effort to seek out meaning behind your deformity.  We know where the emerald is, but not the ruby or the sapphire.