We continued driving.  I rolled down the window, and let the fresh air rush through my hair. No more working at that restaurant.  No more stinky customers.  No more crude attempts at flirtation.  Finally, freedom.  My gem glowed.  It glows when I am relieved from stress.

"You're not making any effort.  It glows when one doesn't make en effort.  Make an effort."

"Effort doing what?"

Okay, I noticed this pattern too.  Alright, make an effort, I began to whistle.

"Ah... I guess we'll have to make due of that."  He smiled, amused at my weak attempt to whistle.

My gem glowed blue- "Ah ha! the Sapphire bearer or the pearl bearer are also making an effort right now!  It is blue- so the color wheel corresponds to the compass.  Blue would be north, so the gem bearer is to the north right now.  He swerved around on the highway, and turned 180 degrees to go north.  It is  blue- and on the color wheel- if you superimpose that on the compass, it would be north.  One of the gem bearers is to the north.  It was easy finding out where you were- your mother was quite ambitious.  Keep whistling."

Okay mister, I could whistle all day my joy is so intense.  I had never known how to use my gem.  Just whistle, and it will shine a color which refers to the direction of the nearest gem bearer.

Suddenly I had a flash.  I sometimes have them.  A flash of yellow seas, red sky, and red sand.  And it's the fourth dimension!  The whole time I had this gem, and these flashes, it was for the fourth dimension.

The gem turned green.

"Good sign!  It means we are close if the direction changed so soon!  We have to go northeast now."  He took an exit, to go northeast.

"So what music do you like to listen to?"  I might as well ask.

"I like fourth dimension music.  They don't have pop culture over there.  Their music is quite alien like- it is so empowering.  Their music is far from sold out crap, like here.  Their music is like the most intense, foreign, artistic compilation in the universe.  Nothing in the third dimension compares to the fourth dimension's hypnotic trance- inducing euphoric music."

"I'm a musician."

"Great, when we go to the fourth dimension, you could learn how to play an instrument there.  The instruments are simuliar to ours, just a different method of playing.

Amazing.  My life is changing so quickly.  I have a new friend, I have a new purpose in life.  Seeking out the other gem bearers, so we can open up the door to the fourth dimension, so we can bring oil in- to maintain their electricity, so our dimension won't freeze up.

I wonder if this will help my chances of getting into Harvard Graduate school.  Well, first comes first.  I need to go to four years of regular college.