We continued driving.  The topaz jewel changed from green to yellow.  

"Okay, time to go west!"  

Yay change in pace!

Suddenly the sky turned purple.  Like a bruise- purple like a bruise.

"Oh no!  It's happening!  The fourth dimension is leaking!!  The war is beginning!

The blue sky flickered between blue and purple.  

"So we have to fight a war- and prevent the loss of oil?"

"Yes".  He looked to me, then he continued to stare at the road.

"Much like our economy here in the third dimension- not only is oil loss a problem- but different provinces fight over the last portion of it, even though they all equally need it.  So a copper bomb must have gone off.  They are much more powerful than nuclear bombs.  It explodes every dimension of space within the area."

"So we need to import oil into the fourth dimension, or else countries will go ballistic without any oil, and at the same time that they run low on oil- the electricity goes out which will cause our universe to freeze."

"Yep, you've got it."  The man with a brilliant intensity continued to stare ahead at the road.  He was mesmorized by the horizon.  

Still the gem was yellow.  It turned topaz.

"Keep whistling."

So I guess I have to keep whistling, it is such a hard effort- but the gem would only shine when I whistle.

We traveled on for another twelve hours, it remained yellow- it went a little bit green once in awhile though.  

I looked at the intense man with furious blue intense eyes.  He had the look of experience.  He had done something intense.  He ran for two days straight- at a fairly moderate pace.

I met the woman with emerald when we were both fifteen.  We just happened to go to the same highschool.  When we hugged, our gems turned black- and seemed to almost open up, become holes in space.  

"So what was it like with the girl with the emerald gem?"  The man asked.

"It seemed to open up space, when we hugged.  The gems became open space."

"That's because this is a system.  Once we round all of you up, all four women, the four corners of space will be represented, and the door to the next dimension will open.  Like a key, the gems serve to fit in the doorway, so the dimensions can be accessed.  There is a fifth dimension with much more complicated routes to get into it."

I continued to whistle, and the gem turned brown.

"We're almost there!"  He shouted with glee.  It wasn't manly at all, but still at the same time it was manly.  It was like a big accomplishment.

"We only have a half hour, she is somewhere here!  Keep whistling!"

So I kept whistling, and the gem varied intensely in color.  It kept shifting from green to blue to yellow, as we got closer.  Finally it settled on orange.  It shone orange for awhile, as we turned around and continued south.

"Okay, five more minutes."

We were in bad neighborhood, with lots of kids playing jump rope in between abondoned buildings.  It was a horrible place to live.