Looking into the children's eyes, I feel sad.  These poor children who don't have a good neighborhood to grow up in.  I thought I had it bad- having no friends, maybe I had it made.

The gem continued shining brown.  The man shifted in his seat, and looked at me.  He smiled.  That was the first time I saw him smile.  As if he was surprised he made it this far.

"You know... running two days was a hard task.  I am a very disciplined man."

"Your point?"  Okay I will keep my cynicism even with a hero.

"Women's talents are for intuition, and managing deep pain.  Opening the gate to the fourth dimension is an act of giving birth- giving birth to a door.  It is a sort of pain- spiritual pain- because your spirit becomes the outlay- the ramp, to the next dimension.  Essentially your spirit turns into a board, that holds spirits as they travel between dimensions.  So people will literally walk on top of you.  Something about how all the spirits.. all four spirits mesh together to form a platform- rearranges matter and space to accomodate a door to the fourth dimension.  Something about the way matter is rearranged when four spirits collide into one, through the gem vesicles."

"How did I get the gem?"

"Well, as spirits travel in limbo between death and renewed life- they go through a process, a cleansing process.  The spiritual moving machine- that pulleys spirits through time and space... is something that needs to take a break.  It takes four breaks a century.  So four spirits are born with gems- the buildup of goo that is what settles when the machine takes a break mid-soul transgressing."

"So... it stopped at November, for topaz?"

"Yes, November lasted for ten years, instead of one."

My gem remained brown...  They drove along the highway.

Despite his charismic personality- he had nosehair.  Maybe that's why h e felt so motivated to be a hero, he needed to counteract the gross imperfection of nosehair.  All his effort, was despite himself.  Nosehair, is a big turnoff.  Despite the fact that he was a hero, taking her on an adventure- that nosehair was just repulsive.

"I wonder which color she will be!"  

"Me too.  And once we have two gem bearers, finding the third becomes easier."

The gem turned orange.

"We just went past where she is.. that means she's no further.  She is somewhere to the right of the highway."

He turned off on the next exit.. and traveled back in the direction he came from.  The gem began to twist amid my stomach.  I began to whine as the pain was like a screw turning inside a stomach.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"  Blood gushed underneath the topaz.  My  skin was being ripped slowly and methodically.  The gem jerked up, and then down.. and lifted up- and pierced her chest with a  sharp edge- working on the word "Danforth Street".

"Poor girl!  Poor girl!  I know the pain- it's giving birth the name of a street.  The technology knows about streets because it has absorbed the direction part of your memory.  Limited.. so as to only take in important information.  You just gave birth to an answer."

The bleeding stopped.  The gem turned yellow.  

"Uh oh, it's going to happen again."