She is clenched in

glass walls, observed in a field,

ending forever. The wind teases her

immobility, just by passing by.

It comes back and approaches. It tries

to comfort her, but its attempts

only pierce the girlšs strength.

She only notices how the

wind flaunts with direction,

and moves anywhere. So the wind

heads on to its destination,

not so clear, from here, to

the caged animal. The glass is

so weak, depending on the

strength inside. She feels

the glass is threatened, so she

searches for another room

to hide. But she finds it

hard to enter, when all

the doors are shut. The window

is still open, and inside she

sees life. Soon they grow

uncomfortable, knowing she

is watching in. There is no

way to hide themselves, because

they have no blinds built in.

She only keeps on looking,

despite their shows of unease.

The looks she gets are harsh,

and she gives them back in return.

If only she knew sooner, that a

locked door can be opened by knocking.