period four

There has to be something to look at

there must be something to concentrate on,

when limitations are in excess

and all attention is drawn to you.

Throw a pen to the teacherıs face

write a note waving like a tail

as she barks you commend her

for playing dead for the rest of class

shed her fur and skin her hide

process it for a womanıs foot

kick her with this homemade boot

make all bleed leatherıs best when wet

The whistle is calling all you bored houndogs

Drooling cause youıre fooling yourself

Youıre not really alive while you sit here

Spit at eachother and watch us run away

Chase our partnerıs tail

and rip it off his butt

with no tail you are

no longer a mutt

Get outta the house you donıt belong here

into the cold go get yourself a beer

All undefined species report to this

get a drunk whore you deserve a kiss

French doesnıt cut it for me

Slit itıs throat and watch it die

no one does like to be trapped here

when the snow is falling

That plant looks like a jungle

itıs green,

but different shades

her voice gets pretty annoying

my body, I am just sick of it

as we all squirm in our chairs

we miss every word said to us

some time has passed

but not enough

Iıll just read this

over again