A new poem

a white paper

I am white,

and tall

and thin,

I have blue eyes

brown hair

Winter jackets

useless in the summer


good in winter

indoor pools

Hiking boots

good for mud

mud good for pies.

Crickets embrace

the roots of my hair

baseballs fall

from the sky

Enbrace the air,

suck it in

Emptiness twirls amidst,

the thumb and the eye

Suck o the lollipop

of life.

Life is a lollipop

Surviving, bite the stick.  Chew the gum

lose its flavor- touch

your cold teeth- bumps

on top of the roots

with shivering pain.

Butterflies with silk

thin wings- flapping

like a fan, in the air

Life is a lollipop, serene

and suckale

Taste and embrace

a kitten is born