Songs written by me: Three songs I wrote in 1998
Feb 97  Poem version "Lust"
Feb 97  Poem version "A Plea of Rescue"
Dec 96 Poem version "I want you to Die"

Favorite Songs Eternal content in music                  Stay tuned For!
Toadies "Do you wanna Die?         Links to good music sites!
Barenaked Ladies "Alchohol"         Sound bytes from MY songs
Crash Test Dummies "Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm"         Sound bytes from published songs


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Our lady Peace Fiona Apple The Cardigans

Red Hot Chili Peppers Pearl Jam Victoria Williams
Oleandor The Bangles

Indigo Girls

Barenaked Ladies Eagle Eye Cherry Rustic Overtones
Paula Cole Nirvana

Counting Crows

Sarah Mclachlan Smashing Pumpkins
Tracy Chapman Aimee Mann
Crash Test Dummies Nine Inch Nails
The eagles Billy Joel
Crowded House The Beatles