aka- I haven't learned how to load sound files.


                         All songs written and copyrighted© by Stacey _____ 1998.

                                                              (I'm not saying my last name here, but if you see some talent that I don't- and plan on stealing my songs- and me not saying my last name- is a legal technicality- then contact me, before I sue you.)

                                in other words- sold, twisted into indistinguishable pop

Over to your house- I can't recall the tune- but it was a dark night.

A Plea of Rescue-  - I like to whine

You'll Attract-  Okay, so maybe I'm a little jealous.

Seed of Hope-   Dreams reflect genetic revelations.

Mary- Mary is a sad girl

Mace in in My Hands- people squirted me with mace guns in my dream