Curiousity compells her to

open the mysterious and

shunned box. Full of surprizes

and feelings only felt by inhaling.

As she allows the smoke of

lifeless souls enter into her body

she holds it there and

breathes out some of herself.

Their confusion enters her

mind and their thought drifts

because she has no memory

to hold onto. She feels lost in

time because her soul has

dissapeared for awhile. And during

her time of misplacement the

lost and suffering souls

dwell through her body

and mind and eat away

her understanding, each

and everyone of them

greedy for reason and reality

all of which belong to her,

somewhere hidden inside her

is a soul they have long since

forgotten the feeling of.

They are greatful for

existance and find all

matter worthwhile. The girl knows

nothing but pleasure, a fake

kind brought on by their ease.

These souls are pleasant

and fresh, while others are

restless and destructive.

Those of great sin are

selfish and take over a personšs

judgement- the good willed

are never pure but only

mind and calm, their tendancy

to love has not faded away.

Now this girl holds

responsibility for the souls

that remain with her, until she

falls asleep, and never wakes again.

She will mingle with them

in a smoky mess of

unfulfilled souls. They are too

weak to fly to Heaven, too

withdrawn to live again.

They only reach the surface

after an eternity of slavery.

To their own doubts of recovery

From her grave they rise

and work as one

to inhabit the soil. They

have been taught by eachother

to form their fatešs taker.

Their ashes form a seed,

that spreads into the air,

reaching for the sky, with

four fingers and a thumb.

Their hand is waving

crying out for help, recieve me

and allow me to live again.

The girl cries as they had,

desparate for escape

from this hell. Soon they

become a symbol of freedom,

because this is what they recieve,

but they punish and enslave

its saviors. Their prison

is undetected, by perfectionšs eyes.

Spectators gather around

the slave of guilty conscience,

and reach out thei rvery own

hand, to be brought down

by the devil and remain a slave to their pain.

They feel themselves being

grinded and then burned in

flames, and sucked into

a whirpool of colour and life.

The souls are overjoyed by

the coming of a new one,

and enter inside with pleasure.

A new soul brings energy

and power to dwindle

on for awhile until a new source

comes along and rescues.

Their remaining feels an energy

they only remember from

virginity. They fight their way to see

from the eyes of their lifešs holder.

Now they have found a

place to wonder until

their own is touched

by death. They search and

hunt for knowledge. Their self

has been buried endlessly deep

and undoubtably long.

The power and source

is filled with the smoke of

their emotion and passion

and all it feels is pleasure,

what is remaining of

their display. They have

filtered any feeling or reality

through themselves as to

share a feeling they long

and trust. They are all

with different reactions,

and it is up to him on who he

chooses to believe and their

substance will fill his entire

body until a new feeling

is considered by him.

The girl is now thirsty

for soul, for life, reality,

and understanding. And he feels

her pain and continues with despair,

an unknown and sudden depression

settles in, and no other

lost soul covers her and

changes emotions, they all

become agreeable, and

decide the thought pattern

of an unformed child, who only

wanted excitement that took

no effort, because it is produced

by eager and hungry souls,

hungry for a survivor.