Jump Off the Train

My blood is pounding

Shaky- almost there,

like sand dripping behind

my neck.

Almost there- like

gravel sliding down

my nose

Almost there- like

glass treading down

my legs

I almost made it-

almost caught the train

the speeding object, zipping

by at 100 miles per hour.

but as my foot placed

itself onto the train-

the gauranteed ride seemed

impossible   Both feet

on the train- I jumped off-

it seemed too good to

be true

Now I'm stuck at

a station in between

last years battle, and

last year's goal.

Just a mysterious

pitstop I never would

have noticed if I had

stuck on the train.

But my feet thought-

instead of my brains

I jumped off the train

Everyone in the train

was screaming, yelling

don't get on- get on, stay on!

Horrible perso-  jerk- get off

I just stepped off

for a second to switch rooms

in the train, and the screaming

made me jump off